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tv   Nancy Grace  HLN  February 26, 2010 1:00am-2:00am EST

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breaking news tonight -- a star off the tv mega hit sitcom "growing pains" goes missing valentine's day. as we go to air, a body discovered in a local park. is it the missing tv star? we are waiting to take you live to the police presser. >> we have breaking news in the search for former "growing pains" actor andrew koenig. police say a body has been found in a park, and it may be him. >> try to be aware of the fact that we have a son, andrew
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koenig, who is presently missing whose state of emotional health may not be very good. >> you will remember him as boner stabone in "growing pains." you remember that show? his father was on "star trek." koenig's parents say he sent them a letter just before he disappeared. >> breaking news tonight, salinas, florida, a gorgeous bride, talented, creative, beautiful, vanishes the night after dad's birthday party. never seen again. her chevy malibu abandoned 90 miles to the north. the new groom sits out the search and completely avoids the bride's family. just hours after we first covered the 23-year-old missing bride, police close in on the groom miles away, heading south. in the car, another woman. now named as a person of interest.
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the groom, jesse crow, behind bars tonight. $3 million bond. the charge, murder one. the bride's body? missing. bombshell tonight, the groom shows up in court just hours ago. his main concern? no, not the whereabouts of his bride's missing body. new groom jesse crow's worried about his wardrobe. that's right. what to wear to court? but even without the bride's body, police say they have a case file over two inches thick that points to one thing and one thing only -- the bride was murdered. >> breaking news -- the husband of newlywed ryann crow, jesse crow, has been charged and arraigned for allegedly murdering his wife. >> after numerous searches,
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interviews and the collection and analysis of a considerable body of evidence over the past few weeks, we are satisfied there is probable cause to believe that jesse john crow killed his wife ryann. >> crow, pleading not guilty in court wearing an orange and white striped jumpsuit. his attorney wants cameras to shoot crow from the neck up at the arraignment. >> taking no chances, concerned too much of the investigation had surfaced in public and fearing potential jurors would get the wrong idea, the judge ruled no video of jesse crow in his jail jumpsuit be broadcast in the media. >> the d.a. says there's a tremendous amount of circumstantial evidence against crow. >> solid evidence has been collected and analyzed by expert criminalists at the california department of justice bureau of forensic services which supports our conclusion. >> salinas police indicating they have blood and dna evidence supporting their theory.
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crow allegedly killed his beautiful new bride. >> jesse, if you know anything, you know, just let law enforcement know. >> good evening. i'm nancy grace. i want to thank you for being with us. breaking news tonight -- a star off the tv mega hit sitcom "growing pains" goes missing valentine's day. as we go to air a body discovered in a local park. is it the missing tv star? we're waiting to go live to a police presser. there you see it as we speak. i want to go to the senior editor of "in touch weekly." what can you tell us about andrew koenig, always known on tv as boner. >> of course. that's how people remember him. that's how people know him, as kirk cameron's best friend on "growing pains." we have learned a lot more about his life over this period of time now that he's been missing. hollywood is a tough place. a lot of people get caught up in the turmoil of it. it's a tough place. one day you have a job, one day
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you don't. we're hearing reports about depression, reports from his neighbors that he told people he was going away on vacation. >> hold on. i think i'm losing. i think my satellite is going down. with me kim serafin, senior editor "in touch weekly." hold on, liz, get that satellite up. everyone, we're waiting to take you live to a police presser. there you see them to your right. to marlaina schiavo, what can you tell me about the discovery of the body? >> they say approximately noon this afternoon in vancouver in a park that he liked to frequent they found his body. they haven't said much about the condition of the body. we're waiting to hear it in the press conference, nancy. but we know that andrew koenig was suffering from depression. people have not -- his family has not heard from him. his friends have not heard from him. so this discovery was quite shocking and sad for all of them today. >> out to the lines. judy, california.
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hi, judy. >> caller: hi, nancy. how are you? >> i'm good, dear. >> caller: nancy, i adore you. i've never missed a show. in fact, i got a traffic ticket one night trying to rush home to get to your program. >> judy -- >> caller: and i want you to pay it. you are beautiful and, oh, your children. you're going to have so much fun. i'm parent. you are going to have so much fun with your kids. >> judy, i already am. when i look at this guy so in the prime of his life. >> caller: isn't it so sad? >> everything in front of him. >> caller: it is so sad. >> one of the stars of a tv mega hit "growing pains." so many people grew up watching this show. everybody, we are going live to the police presser. >> andrew was found today. we didn't want to inconvenience his parents, walter and judith any more than they needed to be today. i'm going to ask walter and judith to speak to you first. then i'll give you an investigative recap afterwards.
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they'll be making a statement, and then they'll be leaving directly afterwards. there won't be an opportunity for questions, as you can appreciate. this is a very difficult time. okay. we'll just get going. i will ask you two to join together here. >> thank you. >> if pu can just -- >> andrew has had some very, very close friends in vancouver, as i've said before. he really felt this was home. and ten of them decided today to do yet another sweep of stanley park and invited me to join them. we broke up into teams. we left about 9:15. about two hours later, i was in a team with kishin and maggie.
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we were looking for some clue and kishin phoned us saying that he'd found andrew's body. maggie went to get judy. she's in -- her leg and back is in pretty bad shape and she can't walk too far. i went to the site. my son took his own life. the only other thing i want to say is -- we've already said, you know, what a great guy he was and good human being. he was obviously in a lot of
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pain. so the only other thing i want to say is -- because i've received an awful lot of e-mails, hundreds of e-mails from people who said they were depressed or had considered, contemplated the same course of action or from families who said they had somebody in their family who showed signs of this kind of behavior or had, in fact, lost members of their families because of this. so the only thing i want to say is if you're one of those people who really can't feel it, if you can't handle it any more, you know, if you can learn anything from this, it's that
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there are people out there who really care. you may not think so and it may not -- ultimately, it may not be enough, but there are people who really, really care. before you take that final -- make that final decision, check it out again. talk to somebody. and for those families who have members who they fear are susceptible to this kind of behavior, don't ignore it. don't rationalize it. extend a hand. >> for both the families and people who are suffering from depression, just realize that they don't realize that there is help. and they need help. i would ask you all to familiarize yourselves with signs that you may, you know, as
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walter just said, rationalize away. don't rationalize away anything. connect with each other. if there's something that's bothering you. because there is love up there. all the people who -- from the police to his friends up here have shown signs of love which, in his pain, he didn't realize was available to him. and that's the hardest part. it's the hardest part. he was much loved, and he had much to contribute in this world. and we just want to leave you with that message. please, this is our -- this is the only statement and comment we are making. please respect our privacy. thank you all very much.
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the star of the tv mega hit "growing pains" found dead. we're going live to the police presser. >> -- body was discovered in the park by family and friends who initiated their own private search. there's no question this would have been a devastating discovery for everyone involved. again, we extend our sympathies to the family and friends. our investigation is continuing, although we've turned now the corner -- let me start that over. our investigation is continuing but the british columbia coroner's service will also take it from here. we're not going to speak about cause of death. there's a sensitivities around this investigation and respect for the family that we must acknowledge. we won't release any further details about cause of death. are there any questions i can take at this time? >> is foul play suspected?
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>> no. sorry. no, foul play is not suspected in this case. sensitivities around the time of andrew's death and cause of death. and we won't disclose further details on that. yes, in the back? sorry. [ inaudible question ] >> i'll let mr. koenig's words speak for himself, thank you. >> do you have any reason to suggest -- [ inaudible ] >> excuse me. we have no reason to believe that foul play was involved here at all. is there a new question? [ inaudible question ] >> both the private search and our search covered a vast area of the park. you know, andrew was found off of a path. let me set the scene for you a little bit. bridal path is the path within stanley park where he was found nearby.
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he was in a densely wooded area. this is a path where if you even stepped just a few feet off of it, you would be in a heavily-treed area with some marshland nearby. he was unseen from the path. you had a question? >> were any weapons found? >> nothing to do with weapons, thanks. [ inaudible question ] >> around the cause of death, i'm not going to belabor this. we really aren't going to release details of. part of the investigation is now in the hands of the coroner's service. we wouldn't want to compromise their investigation. the search teams that combed through the park on the 23rd did cover off this area. as you can imagine, at times we do receive information that's helpful that allows us to narrow a search and focus in one area. we didn't have anything particular suggesting that andrew might be in the park. the search teams did their best to locate him but did not find evidence of him that day. >> the friends who were
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searching over there, did they get lucky or did they have a reason to search that particular area? >> again, we have answered that question, i think, already. but the information that friends and family have would have been brought forward to police. we, of course, have had extremely close contact with the family over the last few days. i've been providing them updates and we've been receiving excellent cooperation from friends and family in our efforts to locate andrew. >> were they acting on any information that was relayed to you or anybody else for an area to search? >> any case or investigative details that we have uncovered or avenues we followed really aren't something we disclose in any detail. >> will the coroner be releasing -- >> that's up for the coroner's office to speak to. [ inaudible question ] >> again, there were family and a friends present. we know that mr. koenig was close by when his son's body was discovered, yes.
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[ inaudible question ] >> no, i don't want to speak for mr. koenig. sorry. is there anything new? anything else? >> how many officers were involved? >> when we did the search initially on the 23rd, there were 30 members searching the park. the search teams comprised of the three agencies and the vancouver police. investigatively, we've had a team of investigators working on the investigation since the 18th when he was reported missing to the vancouver police. [ inaudible ] >> certainly. stanley park is a vast park, over a thousand acres. we understand it is one of the largest urban parks in north america. the path known as bridal path is one of 150 miles worth of trails within this park. it's a wide open, popular trail, often used by joggers and walkers. again, densely wooded on both sides.
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[ inaudible question ] >> our members responded after receiving a call from those on scene, friends and family, who discovered andrew. [ inaudible ] >> he was found approximately a kilometer from here to the west. i'm not sure of the exact distance from the trail. i've heard reports in the area of 30, 40 meters. [ inaudible ] >> typically, an investigation of this nature, we wouldn't be talking publically on. so you can appreciate out of respect for the family, we're not going to go into details of what they knew or didn't know or information that may have come to light prior to this tragic discovery today. okay. i think that's it. >> do you know how many people were in the party? >> i'm not aware of that number, sorry. thanks, everyone. appreciate your time. i can take some side questions on anything outside of this after we wrap up here. >> we are live at the police presser.
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the star -- a star of the mega hit tv sitcom "growing pains" found dead in a local park. we are live there on the scene and taking your calls. >> andrew has had some very close friends in vancouver. as i've said before, he really felt this was home. and ten of them decided today to do yet another sweep of stanley park, invited me to join them. we broke up into teams. we left about 9:15. and about two hours later, i was in a team with kishin and maggie. and we were looking for some clue and kishin phoned us saying
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he had found andrew's body.
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andrew has had some very, very close friends in vancouver. as i've said before, he really felt this was home. ten of them decided today to do yet another sweep of stanley park and invited me to join them. we broke up into teams. we left about 9:15. about two hours later, i was in
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a team with kishin and maggie. we were looking for some clue and kishin phoned us saying that he had found -- >> breaking news, the body of the star -- one of the stars of the mega hit tv sitcom "growing pains request t "has been positively identified in a local part. straight out to alexis with how did they finally manage to find the body? they have searched this park -- it's a huge park -- many times. >> nancy, a group of andrew's friends got together. they planned their own search. i know they have been working closely with the police, but they conducted their own search of stanley park which is huge. unfortunately, one of the friends found andrew. his father was on the search. they called him and they went over to that. they were doing it on their own because they were all so very concerned about him.
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>> to jane velez-mitchell, a dear friend of the star. thank you for being with us. this guy had an incredible career. >> he did. he was incredibly talented. i worked with him not just as an actor. he was a director, a photographer, an editor. he really had so many skills and talents. a wonderful guy. incredibly ethical, incredibly compassionate. a gentleman. >> as of right now, jane, we still don't know cause of death, correct? >> well, we heard what the dad said, but we don't know. gunshot, pills, no idea? >> well, i think i heard somebody say something like no guns but i think we'll have to wait for the coroner. 
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andrew has had some very, very close friends in vancouver, as i've said before. he really felt this was home. ten of them decided today to do yet another sweep of stanley park and invited me to join them. we broke up into teams. we left about 9:15. about two hours later, i was in
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a team with -- >> one of the stars of the mega hit tv sitcom "growing pains" body has just been positively identified. there you see him co-star with kirk cameron. we're taking your calls live. straight out to judy in california. i don't believe i got your question. >> caller: hey, nancy. i have suffered with depression for way over 20 years and been on medication. this is why i never committed suicide. because i did not want my family going through this. it's so heartbreaking. my sympathies go out to his family so much. was he on medication or seeing a doctor for depression? >> let's find out. out to kim serafin. senior editor "in touch weekly." as of right now, everyone, we do not know the cause of death. we don't know whether a weapon was involved, whether it was
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poisoning by pill. we don't have any idea yet. all we know is that the body of this tv star has been positively identified as that of andrew koenig. what about it, kim serafin? what do we know? >> exactly. his father made some comments that he stopped taking medication about a year ago. but you know, it's so sad. you just look at the outpour of support from a lot of his friends and colleagues, even people like alyssa milano, who been on a popular '80s sitcom, a lot of people twittering about this. so beloved. so many people remember watching him from "growing pains." i remember watching him grow up. he was a huge part of the sitcom. it's sad. >> so many people in america feel they grew up with him. out to gina in georgia. >> caller: hi, nancy. >> hi, dear. >> caller: thank you for taking my call. first of all, i appreciate your dedication to what you do. you're a huge child advocate which i am, too. and you do much for many.
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this case touches my heart for this family and what i'm fixing to say sounds hard, but we have a case down here in savannah, georgia. which you've got it on your website. he's been missing since january 31st. that mama, the not knowing is the hardest. this father on this case, i know that he's hurting because his child has been found dead, but i know that he's relieved in a way to know. the not knowing where your child is -- >> gina, you're absolutely correct. the uncertainty, the wondering in the middle of the night what has happened. what was your question, dear? >> caller: my question is, for example, in this case as with bryce's case, who all do you turn to for support for the family?
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>> that is an excellent question. to dr. bethany marshall, psychoanalyst and author of "dealbreakers." when families are in grief like this, what can they do? >> they can call their pastor, they can call their priest, their local rabbi. there are grief centers in almost every community. every hospital has a grief support group. and what they'll learn in that group is that over 90% of people who successfully complete a suicide do suffer from depression or some other psychiatric illness or a substance abuse disorder. even though they have friends and family who support them, they still feel hopeless. >> out to the lines. hi, erica. what's your question? >> caller: hi, nancy. i just want to say i love your show. i was calling because they said he went to vancouver to be with some friends and everything. did they realize there was something wrong in his demeanor that would lead to this?
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>> excellent question. to alexis tereszcuk. did anyone have a warning signal? >> there were a couple of warning signals. he gave his 30-day notice to his landlord in january. he told a neighbor he was going on vacation which really didn't jive with him giving notice, but he started giving away personal belongings to close friends. we spoke with friends who had spoken with him and he gave them some of his belongings. at the time, they didn't seem to be that worried about it, but once he disappeared they realized that that was a very ominous sign. >> unleash the lawyers. joining us tonight felony prosecutor out of atlanta, eleanor odom. with us, defense attorney renee rockwell, atlanta and along with us defense attorney peter odom. out to you, eleanor. if the friends had clear warning signals that this was about to occur, is there any way they can be held legally liable?
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>> not under the laws, nancy. maybe some moral obligation, but a lot of times you see this happen and friends don't know what to do. they're not necessarily trained in that area to do something. >> renee? >> i'm going to agree with eleanor, nancy. the only thing they're facing now is possible guilt. should have, would have, could have. could i have done anything to stop it? that's just not a fair thing for them to put on themselves. >> peter? >> nancy, he showed things that in retrospect we say, oh, yeah, it looked like he was going to commit suicide, but there was really no way of knowing for sure in advance. >> everyone, the breaking news is in. one of the stars of mega hit tv series "growing pains" body has just been positively identified in a local park. at this hour, we are still waiting on an official cause of death. we'll take you there live as soon as the presser starts back up or if we get information. in the meantime, we're taking you live to the mystery
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surrounding a missing -- and we believe murdered -- bride. >> is a picture worth a thousand words? the defense of jesse john crow, the man accused of murdering his wife ryann crow thinks so. >> she didn't have an enemy in the world. she was just a beautiful, beautiful person inside and out. >> crow's attorneys asking a judge to allow their client to wear street clothes to every hearing, even before a jury is in the courtroom, arguing that seeing crow in an orange and white-striped jumpsuit will prejudice potential jurors. >> the more often a media image is published of a person wearing restraints and a jail jumpsuit -- >> the bride's body is still missing despite police effort by land, by water, by air to locate her. this beautiful young girl -- there you see her to the left of
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your camera. ryann crow, just 23 years old, believed to have been murdered. and today, we learn her husband shows up in court and his big concern? his wardrobe. that's right. what to wear, what to wear, what to wear to court? out to mark carbonera. mark, what happened? >> i'll tell you, nancy, thanks. great to be with you once again. i'll tell you, what happened there was that judge russell scott agreed with the defense. >> wait, mark. mark carbonaro, i'm seeing a shot that had been a live shot in court. all you see is from the neck up. why does he care what he's wearing? >> well, the judge doesn't care what he's wearing. it's not going to prejudice the judge. they were worried about pictures in the media. the judge said, okay, jesse crow can wear civilian clothes in the court for his pretrial hearings,
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but he must remain shackled. the reason is the judge is concerned about security in the courtroom. the monterey county courts, nancy, are split into a number of different buildings. a few years ago they discovered asbestos in the main court building. so they're still working on cleaning that up. and in the interim, many of the courts are in portable modular buildings. and the security, quite frankly, is not what you would really like. >> is a problem. with me, kevin -- >> with shackles so he can't get loose. >> eleanor, he's worried about what he's wearing? >> yes, exactly, nancy. so many defense attorneys file these motions saying, oh, we can't have him seen on tv -- >> eleanor, i tried felony cases for all those year, i personally kept a jacket and a pair of pants. whenever the defendant would jump up and say he was worried about his outfit, oh, no, we would not have a delay in the case. they'd put on the blue jacket and the gray pants.
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>> that was a good idea. you don't want to media to show him in his orange jumpsuit. although i think people can be fair and impartial at a trial. >> you know what? this while the bride's body is still missing. he's concerned about what to wear to court. everyone, we are taking your calls live. very quickly to tonight's ng family album. here are photos of the twins. there we are at the beach in new jersey with their daddy. here we are with grandmommy swinging them. and now your family photos. colorado, washington friends, mother and daughter-in-law juanita and anna marie. not only do they share watching our show every night, thank you, ladies, but also share the same birthday. south carolina friend vicky, an air force vet, served 20 years. devoted to country. and now devoted to taking care of her 88-year-old grandmother. now, that's a beauty inside and out. thank you, friends.
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the search is on for a beautiful young newlywed ryann crow. law enforcement needs your help in tracking her down.
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ryann vanishes into thin air after a shopping trip with her sister. ryann reported missing after the reliable woman fails to show up for work at a local flower shop. >> i want to know what happened to my daughter. >> ryann's father, mother and sister funneled into the courtroom, band together as jesse crow's mother and friend sat seats away in support of their own child. >> the husband of ryann crow has been charged and arraigned for allegedly murdering his wife. crow pleading not guilty in court wearing an orange and white-striped jail jumpsuit. his attorneys ask a judge for cameras to shoot crow from the neck up at the arraignment. crow's attorneys also ask another judge to allow their client to always wear street clothes to future hearings. >> the bride's body is still missing. out to clark goldman, ow producer on the story. clark, take me back. give me the chain of events. >> sure, nancy.
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it was saturday afternoon and she was working at the local florist shop. her sister called her. asked her sister to pick her up. they went shopping for the father's party that evening but ryann never made it there. >> her body, as i said, still missing. when police finally conduct the search warrant on the groom's home, they find not only, obviously, evidence of a murder, but they also find 300 marijuana plants growing to the tune of a trafficking and drugs amount. charl mccollum, what we know is police have found evidence of murder. we don't know what it is. >> right. >> in your capacity as a cold case analyst, what do they have? they don't have a body. how do they know a murder has taken place? >> probably the amount of blood. it's just an exorbitant amount, where it is, if there is
1:46 am
high velocity or splatter, they will be able to determine this was not a nose bleed. this is a serious bodily injury that he's not going to be able to explain why there is that amount of blood in his house and let me be clear about something else. an arrest doesn't mean an investigation stops. they'll stay on this for quite some time. >> clark goldman, do you have an update? >> we do. law enforcement in salinas says they have significant amount of bloods and dna evidence. however, they won't say where it came from, but they say that this dna evidence has come through for them in a big way. >> back out to you eleanor odom, peter odom, renee rockwell, that police searched not only his home but the home of the other woman. that woman found in his car as he was heading south as police apprehended him. i believe that the police also searched his parents' home. so the crime scene, renee rockwell, could be any of those three. >> the crime scene could be any of those three, and nancy, we can't discount the fact that there may be other suspects and
1:47 am
they're just waiting for something to break. >> other suspects. put rockwell back up. renee, did you pull that out of the air? do you have anything to suggest another suspect? >> just because someone has been killed in a certain spot does not necessarily mean that, number one, it's her husband, number two, he acted alone, or number three, that it could be a combination of him, other people and -- >> if you don't think the evidence suggests it's the husband, why do you think he's charged with murder one, renee? >> they obviously have something against him, nancy. >> yeah. >> but that does not discount the fact that there may be other people involved. >> that wasn't my question to you, renee. my question to you was do you have any scintilla, a shred, a particle of evidence to suggest that anyone other than the husband, and we know the other woman is a person of interest -- do you have anything to suggest there's somebody else involved? >> me myself personally, no.
1:48 am
>> yeah, you yourself personally. was that a no? >> that's a no. >> thank you. took a long time getting that out. >> but nancy, he's got a 3 million bond. >> i know. >> he's probably not going to get out. they may be waiting for him to make some deal saying, wait, let me just come to you and tell you what really happened. >> you know, wake up. wake up out of your dream that you're verbalizing on the air. peter odom, what about the other woman? okay. there is no evidence anybody else is involved. what rockwell just said is a defense attorney's argument to the jury. it means absolutely nothing. but what about the other woman? we know that is a distinct possibility. she's actually been named an official person of interest. >> right, and nancy, what the police are trying to build, es eshlle because they don't have a body, they will build a circumstantial case. the other woman potentially provides a motive. and the motive evidence will be all the more crucial where they don't have a body in the case. >> eleanor, last time i looked,
1:49 am
you don't call somebody a person of interest unless you think they may have been involved in the crime. not that they were the motive. not that they were sleeping with the guy, dating the guy, living with him, the murder suspect. you have to be actually involved, albeit tangentially to be considered a person of interest. >> exactly, nancy. she may have some information. >> what is he talking about? >> i'm not sure what he's talking about, but he's trying to find a way out for the defendant, of course. he's a defense attorney. >> enough said. got it. out to charlene in indiana. hi. >> caller: first of all, thank you so much for everything you do. as always, we never miss a show of yours. but i was wondering on his apparel issues that he had, it looks like this guy has probably been around the block a few times to even think this far ahead that this may make a difference six months down the road whenever they see these pictures at trial. i wondered also about the
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parents, how involved in the search for his wife that they were. >> do you mean the suspect's parents? >> caller: correct. >> okay. out to mark carbonaro. were the suspect's parents involved at all in the search? >> i don't believe so. i do know they have search warrants that were issued for the properties of mr. crow, the father's home in prunedale and the girl in pacific grove. i know jesse himself did not participate in the search itself. >> exactly. everyone, you are seeing photos of the groom throwing out the trash. he turned into a neatnik, the moment his wife went missing. as we go break, everybody. happy birthday to sam, a senior at georgia southern university majoring in computer science and holds down a job and knows how to cook. he's a handsome guy. happy birthday, sam.
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hi there. i'm brooke anderson.
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this is a "showbiz tonight" newsbreak. here's what's coming up at the top of the hour. killer whale outrage. the great coast-to-coast debate today. should the whale that killed its trainer while performing be killed? kirstie's brand-new oprah confessions about her new weight battle. that's your "showbiz tonight" newsbreak. the d.a. says there's a tremendous amount of circumstantial evidence against crow. >> solid forensic evidence has been collected and analyzed by criminalists at the california department of justice bureau of forensic services which supports our conclusion. >> straight out to dr. michael bell, palm beach county chief medical examiner. dr. bell, thank you for being with us. dr. bell, this is every defendant's dream. the longer it takes to find the
1:55 am
body, the less likely it will be identified or of any use at trial. explain. >> well, because of decomposition, the body's going to be more difficult to identify, and sometimes the cause of death may be more difficult to pinpoint as well. >> with me dr. michael bell, palm beach county chief medical examiner. salinas police indicate they have blood dna evidence. what do you think of that? >> well, i suspect that it's most likely blood. it may be a collection of both the victim's blood as well as the accused. it's probably a large amount, and they may even have a potential weapon that is covered with some of the blood. >> out to the lines. arlene in maryland, hi, arlene. >> caller: hi. >> hi, dear. what's your question? >> caller: what i was wondering in that dumpster that he and his girlfriend were filling up so
1:56 am
much, did the police check that to see if maybe she was underneath all the jazz they were putting in there? >> to mark carbonaro, what about it? >> they checked the dumpster and there was nothing in there they could use. >> what was he throwing away? >> i imagine just personal belongings. >> i just saw him throwing out a laundry basket. it reminds me of when scott peterson's wife laci peterson and her unborn child conner went missing, he suddenly doing laundry and cleaning the house. it's not a good look when your wife goes missing. >> no. if he was throwing out personal belongings of hers into that dumpster, that could be incriminating in itself. >> man, you are not kidding. i hope cops saved every shred of trash in that dumpster. tip line. in the search for the bride's body ryann crow.
1:57 am
ryann bunnell crow, 23. let's stop and remember army corporate matthew bolar, killed iraq. on a second tour, won the bronze star. devoted to country. volunteer to back to iraq. in place of soldiers with families. gave up a scholarship to enlist. loved military history, fly fishing, saints and lsu tigers. matthew bolar, american hero. thanks to our guests, but especially to you for being with us. happy birthday to florida friend, anchor, reporter mark williams. happy birthday, mark. everyone, see you tomorrow night, 8:00 sharp eastern. until then, good night, friend. -- captions by vitac --
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